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ASP AUDIENCE: Beginning programmers or web developers. TITLE: ASP INTRODUCTION: ASP or Active Server Pages is a powerful server-based technology from Microsoft, designed to create dynamic and interactive HTML pages for World Wide Web sites. ASP is used to create dynamic or active web pages. Dynamic
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PQRS Method. PREVIEW: initial quick reading to gain a general idea of content. QUESTION: formulate questions to identify the information you want to extract. READ: read the material actively seeking answers. SUMMARIZE: summarize what you have read
Do pre-reading activities: Look at the essay's title, author's information, etc. Free write about the title. What do you think this essay will be about? What do you want to learn from this essay? What initial questions do you have? Based on the author's bio or the title, what could the focus of the essay be? 2. Read the essay
Active reading requires alertness and a willingness to think as you read. Below are some suggestions for developing a more active approach to your reading. ... in your essay. For example, noting that you're confused about the author's presentation of idea A vs. idea B may eventually lead to a perception that there is indeed
Active Reading What is reading for learning? Your reading leads directly to other writing, studying, and exam activities for the course. What should you...
Handout: Active Reading. In this class we are reading in the service of writing, which means reading texts specifically to be used in your own writing. Reading in the service of writing entails reading for meaning but also reading for “ways of thinking,” which means reading essays and literature looking for ways of thinking
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Essay Questions: How is creative thinking defined? How is creative thinking different from stereotype thinking? What are the benefits of active reading? How does effective writing helps people in their everyday life?
Active Reading. Why Good Readers Make Better Writers. by Anthony Starros, M.F.A. ... Passive Reading: reading done without and active, critical mindset. Active Reading: using certain techniques to more fully engage with ... When it comes time to write your own essay, it's usually your interpretation of (or your response to)

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