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Unknown Bacteria Lab Report Introduction The purpose to this lab was to identify an unknown bacteria from a mixed culture provided to us by our instructor. This study was done by applying all of the methods that have been instructed on thus far in microbiology laboratory class. Each test performed, provided us with some
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Why is one dish being reserved for the class as a “control”? Having a controlled variable is important in order to be able to look at what the bacteria would look like if it hadn't been contaminated and just left as agar. Having a sample of agar that wasnt exposed to any bacteria will provide a clear picutre of what grew on the
Micro lab report 1 Blood and Bacteria Essay. 1979 Words Apr 1st, 2015 8 Pages. Name and Course Section: Camile Manradge & Michele McNeill, Section 704. Title and Number: Observing Bacteria and Blood - Lab # 1. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to gain knowledge of the functions and operations of the
Essay about Microbiology Unknown Bacteria. 1862 Words | 8 Pages. was to identify the unknown bacterium using biochemical tests and various methods that had been learned from previous the microbiology laboratory class. Identifying the unknown bacterium was determined by separating and differentiating possible
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Objectives: 1. To investigate the effect of different antibiotics on bacteria 2. To develop problem solving and experimental skills, for example, information is accurately processed and presented, experimental procedures are planned, designed and evaluated properly, producing valid results, recording results, and valid

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